AI-log April 8, 2019
8 April, 2019 | Arvid Marklund
Paper spread out on flour containing figures and texts about artificial intelligence.

Human beings are not evolved to feel good. They have arisen from the fact that people have been able to maintain and survive in societies together with other people. One can consider the individual human being as an organism in its own right, but also as a small part of a larger social organism. There, what appears to be dysfunctional for the individual may be functional for the group as a whole. For example, it needs cells that tend to fall into self-reinforcing loops of mania or depression to move society forward at the expense of themselves. Mania can lead to fearless exploration and leadership in opposition to prevailing truths and the depressed individual can constructively question what others take for granted in a more introspective way, leading to suicide or crisis and wise life changes. This kind of mood mobility among extreme individuals may be desirable to keep the larger social body alive.

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