AI-log February 29, 2020
29 February, 2020 | Arvid Marklund
An old black and white photo of a forrested area by the water.

Yesterday it was 34 years ago Olof Palme was shot. We walked past the murder site in central Stockholm. It made me think about what I do with my life. The question: How can I best serve my community? was repeated by a persistent inner voice. It would be a whole new way of approaching the question of what I should do with my time. Previously, it has only been about uncovering what I really want to do in my innermost core self. Or who I want to be. Whether it is an essentialist being or a performative doing, it was about me as an isolated atom, not about what my neighbours, my descendants or my society needs. I am so tired of the little cage of individualism I built around myself. It fit me so well. When I was little, everyone else wanted to sit in a circle and look each other in the eye and I just wanted to be left alone. To immerse myself in something. Now it’s the opposite. Everyone seems to be obsessed with perverse self-play, self-actualisation, personal branding, identity-enhancing consumerism and I’ve had enough of it all.

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