Evolution not optimisation
31 March, 2021 | Arvid Marklund
Paper spread out on flour containing figures and texts about artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning is optimisation. Nothing else. One could think that humans are shaped through optimisation. They usually gather like flies around successful individuals to ask for advice on how to make themselves more successful. Adjust some parameters to crawl slowly towards perfection. But our basic survival has never been dependent on that. It has never been about who was the very best, most efficient, most brilliant in a field. Survival and procreation has been and still is the privilege of the good enoughs. If you are to subscribe to the evolutionary theory (and yes I do that although I am really tired of all the stupid conclusions that are drawn in its name) the slogan Survival of the fittest should at least be reformulated. Survival of the fit? or Deselection of the unfit?. The ones that are not inadequate can stay. Survival of the adaptive. Survival of the sufficient. That is how humanity has been moving forward, like an acceptable highly varied noise, in a changing environment where cooperation with other acceptable humans leads to procreation. This is opposed to the quest for individual perfection. Institutes of Racial Biology, motivational speakers and dog breeders is concerned with an optimisation that is alien to nature.

Kategorier: ai psychology