SPAM-filter for search
30 June, 2021 | Arvid Marklund
A sketch showing how search matches that are free from tracking and other unwanted elements are promoted.

I have really been missing a search engine function that would clear out the worst spam-pages from the results. Since I have not yet found something like this on my internet searches (albeit without such a spam filter) I have started to work on developing it. If anyone knows of an existing project that has advanced further or if you are interested in contributing, please get in touch!

There are already search engines that refrain from tracking you, but this extension aims to extend that respect to include the search results it displays. It simply sorts the results so that the pages that respect your time and integrity will float to the top.

There will be three levers that can be used to regulate the SPAM-filter:

  1. ANTITRACK. Tracking e.g. third party cookies, non-vital firts party cookies, tracking pixels etc.
  2. ANTIBLOAT. Bloat like e.g. non-vital scripts, popup-windows and cookie-walls.
  3. ANTIADS. Focused on advertising.

To follow the project and contibute please visit the codeberg git-page.

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