Personality as noise
13 October, 2022 | Arvid Marklund
A fence in a green area.

Usually, or at least when one is dealing with individual personality traits, contexts are treated as noise. You look for stability in individual actions regardless of context to weed out what is that person’s personality, its presumed inner being. So it lies in the nature of the concept that persons with strong traits are less susceptible to influence from contexts. A highly psychopathic individual will act antisocially both in prison and outside even within safe and prosocially prone groups and the same goes for a highly empathic person, that will act roughly in accordance with his/her values regardless where this person is placed. The big middle majority average however will be strongly adaptable to context. This is why I want to treat individual personality traits as noise and contexts as the signal. To help the greater average to more humanly sustainable practices.

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