Yesterweb, indieweb or something in between?
12 April, 2023 | Arvid Marklund
A blackbird on the ground hunting worms.

I heard some people talking about indieweb in the swedish developer podcast kompilator and I thought it sounded so right. The idea is that you publish on your own website and then distribute to other platforms (e.g. mastodon, twitter, linkedin etc.). A little bit like what I am already doing, except I have only been doing the former. Just published on my website without syndicating to social media. It could of course increase the chances of anyone reading my posts, if I were to publish somewhere where other people are actually present. Or I could go fully the other way and make my website as much as the old school web as possible, like the wonderful people at yesterweb are doing.

As I was browsing through some indieweb pages I was struck by how much they looked like mainstream social media platforms. A small avatar by every post and like and share buttons all over. I don’t think this is what I am looking for. To blindly port all functionality from social media and just transfer the ownership. Sure, Of course you should own your data, but is that it? I think there are other things worth considering. I believe that the simple comment-opportunity below the text does something to how it will be read. And the implicit encouragement to dumb down all our reflections to a binary “like” or “not like”. It affects how I read something.

I want my texts to be read outside that framing. At the same time, I want them to be read. So hence my dilemma. Some syndication may need to be done, but where and how? Twitter? Instagram? Mastodon?

I am writing this after a first glance at some indieweb pages, maybe there will be a way forward there. Not looking like facebook, but still reaching it. I have a strong feeling that I will revisit this subject soon.

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