Closenet 2
28 July, 2023 | Arvid Marklund
Bild tagen genom ett fönster med persienner på gräset utanför.

Developing a digital proximity network1 could be seen as both an obvious contingency and a fabulous opportunity to get closer to your surroundings. Neighborhood Watch 2.0.

If, or rather when, high-tech vulnerable infrastructure breaks down, everyone’s own phone transmitters and receivers can be used, albeit with limited range. We can no longer reach the whole world, but we may discover that there was already a world close by.

Kategorier: ai psychology
Sökord: d2d,device-to-device,network

  1. A so-called device-to-device (d2d) network where signals are sent directly between devices (e.g. mobile phones) without passing through any central hub↩︎