I am driven by a vision of bringing forth profoundly human centered technology. Profoundly, as opposed to superficially human centered (or human friendly, which is the most common buzzword in these matters). Superficially human friendly systems typically involves a vast imbalance of power, between those who own the platforms and those who use/are used by them. They tend to perpetuate polemic and conflict by way of design. They are also not only compatible with, but completely built around, an unsustainable GDP growth dependent economy. I want to instead be a part of creating prosocial systems that will respect integrity, that are socially as well as ecologically sustainable and will facilitate trust and cooperation between humans.

I have published a blog, that consists of parts of the log I have been keeping during my explorations regarding the construction of intelligent machines. I am now also working on research regarding technology, climate and governance on the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


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