A tree in a snowy surrounding.

My name is Arvid Marklund. I have a blog where I publish texts on various matters, mostly about society, psychology and so called AI. I’ve written a new blog builder software that sets a low threshold for writing and publishing, where my blog is the starting point even if I can spread it to other both open and closed networks. Read more about how I think about it in the post Yesterweb, indieweb or something in between?.

About the page

An EEC PC mini-laptop computer showing unintelligeble pieces of terminal output.
A computer I found in the trash and tried to install Arch Linux on.

The page has been built using a simple python script that generates html, css and an rss feed. No javascript, cookies or other trackers. Dynamic parts like search function and sharing to other platforms are written in php.

The source code is available on my git-page for those who wish to use it and contribute to the project.